Good morning my loves, the last time was totally intense. Why? Well, because Sylvia and I working a lot and planning things despite all the things that happen day by day. My sister was already in New York City and Milan for Fashionweek. I wasn't able attending the two fashion weeks, because of some other jobs I had and want to attend to. So that's why we splitted all our stuff and did seperately our work. You guys might have seen it on Instagram that I've been in Gstaad with Cadillac, in Düsseldorf with Lancomé and in Munich with Kempinski. Three great jobs I'll never forget so far, especially the video production with Lancomé in Düsseldorf was prisless and a full package of new experiences and feelings. Never did that before, that is the reason why I'm super excited and happy showing the video with you guys as soon as it's online. However, for now it's time to re-pack my lugagges, because Sylvia and I are going to Paris for Fashion Week. The first time this year that we will rock fashion week together #doubletrouble. It was quite stressful and difficult planning and organizing everything while my sister was on the other side of the world. BUT as we are a perfect duo we manage everything that we wanna reach. Sounds like a great team, hihi. I absolutely can't wait for Paris. I think it's going to be awesome, especially because of all events, presentations, shows and meetings we will have, stay updated!

But for now, let's come to today's article: I wanna share with you guys my adventure in Munich last weekend. Some of you have already seen it on Instagram . I went straightly after my job in Düsseldorf to Munich on friday. I've been in Munich to test and make my own impressions of the Kempinski Vier Jahres Zeiten Hotel which is located in the Maximilianstraße. The expensives street in whole Munich where you can find several luxury stores like Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc.! So far so good, since I'm working several times with Kempinski Hotels, I'm always glad getting a look into another hotels which are located world wide. I must admit that I worked with several hotels, but I'm always super happy and satisfied when I'm back at Kempinski. They totally know how to treat you right! It started with a warm-hearted welcome where I found delicious fruits on the table served with a bottle of champagne and a lovely welcome card, the room which was super cute, the service ( everyone knows how to make their job ), the adorable breakfast ( after Vienna you can find my favorite second breakfast in Munich at Kempinski, the dinner until our invitation for two treatments at their SPA ( we both tested a face treatment and a massage, it was just adorable and relaxed, there is definitely nothing better than a SPA day). My boyfriend and I felt super comfortable at the Kempinski Vier Jahres Zeiten Hotel. Thank you for the unforgetable stay!

I hope I could inspire you a bit & make you guys think about a trip to Munich? It's totally worth it, the city is beautiful and historical at the same time! For know I have to switch off my laptop to pack my luggages for Paris Fashion Week, which is starting tomorrow, yihaaa!


Have someone of you ever been in snowy and beautiful Gstaad? Switzerland is filled with truly majestic places, but this one is by far one of my favorites. It's the very highlight of what a holiday in the Swiss mountains should be like. As some of you might already noticed on Instagram ( @juliahaghjoo) I've been invited for Cadillac's Winterdrive in Gstaad a few days ago to test three of their car models on ice in three different locations. The drifting part was definitely one of the most amazing and insane #cadillacexperience's I've ever made. Action, adrealin and fun were involved. An adventure that I'll never forget so far. 

Furthermore I have to announce that the re-launch of my blog number-93-2.0 take place in march 2015. Unfortunately there were some technical problems and delays of the new blog design. It's such a pity that it takes so long, but I promise you guys as soon as the design is ready I'll inform you about the new beginning for sure! I hope you can still wait. I'm super sorry!


As you guys might noticed it, I'm going to relaunch my blog in february 2015 and can't wait to show you the new design of Everything will change, it's getting fresher, unique and special. Let's better say it's going to be the perfect start for a new beginning. It will be THE year with a package full of uninspected things journeys and adventures that I wanna share with you guys of course! I just want to make a little announcement: this will be the last article before I'm going online with the new design. Until then you loves can always check everything on my Instagram account: @juliahaghjoo! 


As you might noticed on Instagram I've been in Monaco with Maserati for the Drive and Sail event which took place at the Yacht Club Monaco. It was my first time there and I was totally amazed by the wonderful landscape, boats, yachts...well, let's better say by the whole ambiance. I was a bit tired after the whole travelling part, especially because I've been in Berlin the day before for the Stylight Awards and had to take the train after the event straight to Frankfurt to catch my flight to Nice to get the shuttle then to Monaco. However, it was totally worth it and I'm super happy that I had the chance to experience all these moments. But let's come back to the main part of this article: The italian car label is namely sponsor of the Maserati VOR 70, a 70ft monohull boat which is skippered by Giovanni Soldini ( twice winner of the around alone). The event was a perfect experience which was combined thoroughbred of the sea and of the road, especially getting the opportunity to sail on board and asking Mr. Soldini some questions about his adventures were totally unique. Afterwards I've joined the press conference and had a little interview with Giovannis navigator, who answered some of my and the other journalist questions.  

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